About FIAT America

FIAT America is an independent car club founded in the summer of 1969 in Northern California. The club was started by a small group of car enthusiasts in Santa Clara County who came together to promote “a spirit of cooperation,” and “the sport and pastime of four wheel drive motoring” for the “enjoyment of members.” We're one of the longest running, most active, car clubs in the country.

For over 50 years, we’ve been active enjoying, promoting, preserving and restoring FIATs and related Italian marques. From FIATs older than the club, to the new FIAT 500, Abarth and 124, we welcome all FIAT owners into the family. With over 25 events per year, ranging from technical sessions to 1,000-mile tours, track days and driver schools, wine tasting, auto-museum tours, shows, and picnics, there is truly something for everyone. Most of our events are around the San Francisco Bay Area. As we always enjoy a good drive and meeting with other FIAT enthusiasts, we have also organized or been active participants in events in Southern California, Oregon, and other states or countries hosting FIAT gatherings.

Membership in FIAT America is open to all enthusiasts of FIAT, FIAT derived, and other Italian automobiles of any vintage. We invite you to join the club.

FIAT America is not directly affliated with FIAT Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) or FIAT Club America.

Photo Credit: Kristy Duncan