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Race, Rallye, and Tour

A tour is a trip made by 2 or more vehicles by using either a pre-planned route or a “Follow The Leader” approach to go from one predetermined place to another.

The purpose of a tour is to provide an interesting outing for all participants. The tour should have sufficient items of interest to keep the tour group members interested. Rest stops and refueling should be planned in advance so that the general flow of the tour is not interrupted.

Maps or instructions will be provided in advance of the tour when at all possible. The route should be diagrammed and explained in the beginning before the tour commences in order to clarify any questions from the tour group. Club CB radios will be distributed evenly within the group so that communication between vehicles is maintained during the tour.


There are several types of Rallyes open to FIAT America members. Recently we have been renewing our interests in Hare & Hound; Time, Speed & Distance; Monte Carlo and PanAm. Each rallye tests different skills of the driver and navigator and focus on driving skills. There is no “wheel to wheel” racing in these events.

Click here to see partial TSD Rallye instructions.

Here are the General Instructions used for each of our rallyes. Please get familiar with these or request your own set from the RallyeMaster.


An autocross (or slalom) is a short course, usually lasting one or two minutes per run, in which one races against the clock. The course is drawn with chalk lines and setup with orange pylons. Contestants are usually given an opportunity to “walk the course” only once. Contestants are usually give two timed laps where the object is to negotiate the course as quickly and safely as possible without hitting any pylons.

Cars are classed according to the local club (NASA or SCCA) rules. Events happen on a regular basis.


Sanctioned by the SCCA, there are many different classes for your car. Tracks include Thunderhill, Laguna Seca and Sears Point Raceway. You will need a full blown race car for these events, or you can help one of the club members.

You must attend a Driver’s School and be a standing member of the SCCA. See the SCCA web site for more information.

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